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To inspire, encourage, and support students—that is the goal of Viewpoint’s college counselors, who are nationally-connected educators who possess expertise and desire to help students and families. Qualities of the college counselors include:

  • Advanced degrees in counseling or higher education administration
  • Admissions experience evaluating applications for colleges and universities
  • Knowledge of admission processes and selectivity of colleges and universities
  • National and local networking at conferences
  • College visits by staff to over 75 schools a year
  • Professional presentations at conferences and meetings
  • Over 50 years of collective experience in college counseling and admissions

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  • Rhody Davis, Director of College Counseling

    • 28th year in college counseling and admissions; 12th year at Viewpoint School
    • Former Director of International Admissions, University of Chicago
    • Co-Founder of Clambake Institute, elected to first Board of ACCIS (Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools), Direct Support Team of ACCEPT, College Board Western Regional Council
    • B.A. in English from UCLA, M.Ed. in Counseling from University of Houston
  • Rebecca Heller, Senior Associate Director of College Counseling

    • 13th year in college counseling; 10th year at Viewpoint School
    • External Reader for University of California, Irvine
    • California Counselor Advisory Council Member, University of Chicago
    • Volunteer counselor for the Matchlighters Scholarship, created by Ethan Sawyer (The Essay Guy)
    • Published Author of books for children and young adults
    • B.A. in Art History from Tulane University, M.A. in School Counseling from Loyola Marymount University
  • Manny Mohareb, Associate Director of College Counseling

    • 6th year in school counseling and admissions; 3rd year at Viewpoint School
    • Former Admission Counselor at California Lutheran University
    • B.A. in International Studies from UC Irvine, M.A. in School Counseling from Boston College
  • Jamon Pulliam, Associate Director of College Counseling

    • 6th year in college counseling and admissions; 1st at Viewpoint School
    • Former Associate Director of College Counseling, Drew School
    • Former Assistant Director of Admissions at Morehouse College and University Ambassador/Campus Tour Coordinator at Tuskegee University
    • B.S. in Psychology from Tuskegee University
    • Advisory Board Member, Loyola University New Orleans
    • Seasonal Reader for University of San Francisco
    • Admissions Coach for USC Bovard Scholars Program and Seasonal Reader for USC Rossier School of Education

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  • Rhody Davis 

    Director of College Counseling
  • Rebecca Heller 

    Senior Associate Director of College Counseling
  • Manny Mohareb 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
  • Jamon Pulliam 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
  • Travis Kikugawa 

    Associate Athletic Director, Director of Soccer/Tennis Operations, Director of Viewpoint's Athletes
  • Kristen Saleen 

    Registrar and College Counseling Assistant
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