College Counseling at Viewpoint

What inspires and energizes you?
How can you take your interests to the next level?
What ways can you highlight your individuality and intellectualism?
How can we support your goals and aspirations?
These are some of the questions that Viewpoint School’s college counselors pose to students as they develop skills for success in college and beyond. Honing flexibility, collaboration, and creativity, students become effective communicators and thinkers who thrive in interdisciplinary learning environments. This evolution of excellence is an idea that plays out daily at Viewpoint and culminates for seniors as they apply to college.

Fast Facts

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  • 100% graduates admitted to four-year colleges

  • Four full-time college counselors

  • 34:1—Student-to-counselor ratio for Class of 2019

  • Students are assigned to their College Counselor in Ninth Grade

  • College Majors—10% Engineering/Computer Science, 10% Business, 10% Arts

  • 10% of graduates recruited to play NCAA DI-DIII athletics

  • California, New York, Massachusetts, District of Columbia—most popular states

  • USC, NYU, Northeastern, George Washington, Tulane, University of California, Berkeley—top six schools attended 2014-18

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