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Our college counseling program helps students maximize their success.

Students build confidence and become empowered to take responsibility for their own college admission process. They will:

  • engage in self-reflection
  • commit to an honest and authentic process
  • maintain realistic expectations
  • build productive relationships
  • conduct sound research
  • meet all deadlines

College Bound

Congratulations to the Class of 2024 for outstanding college results

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What inspires and energizes you?
How can you take your interests to the next level?

What ways can you highlight your individuality and intellectualism?

How can we support your goals and aspirations?

These are some of the questions that Viewpoint School’s college counselors pose to students as they develop skills for success in college and beyond. Honing flexibility, collaboration, and creativity, students become effective communicators and thinkers who thrive in interdisciplinary learning environments. This evolution of excellence is an idea that plays out daily at Viewpoint and culminates for seniors as they apply to college.

Harlan Cohen, New York Times bestselling author of The Naked Roommate series, visits our campus every May to talk to our seniors about post-Viewpoint life. As part of his One of Your People Project, Harlan produced a series of videos capturing moderated conversations with seven Viewpoint alums about their post-high school experiences, including their perseverance amid a pandemic.

College Counseling Spotlight

Four Viewpoint Class of ‘24 Athletes Are Still in the Game and Ready for College Sports

A world where academics meets athletics is what these Seniors are ready for this fall. As part of a beloved and annual tradition at Viewpoint, four athletes were recognized for their peak performance and path to college sports on Tuesday, May 21.

Ololade Adeduro - Robert Morris University, Football (not pictured)

Austin Basch - New York University, Baseball

Jude Hollings - University of Redlands, Track & Field

Sam Lazenby - Cal Lutheran University, Tennis

Our college-bound athletes were joined by students, faculty, coaches, and their families at the Love of Learning Wall, as they received awards and ceremoniously “signed” to their respective schools. Mark McKee, Head of School, Patrick Moyal, Director of Athletics, and Rhody Davis, Director of College Counseling, each delivered congratulatory remarks and words of wisdom for these Seniors. Tanaz Nourian, Associate Director of College Counseling, announced each Senior and facilitated their signing to commemorate the moment.

"Most participants in this event have dreamed of reaching this level for a long time, likely since before high school,” said Patrick Moyal, Viewpoint’s Athletic Director. “Aspiring to be a college athlete requires immense dedication and hard work, not only from the athletes themselves but also from those around them. This event is the culmination of all that effort and sacrifice, resulting in these remarkable achievements."

We applaud these students for their passion and perseverance, and wish them luck in their college journey.

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Viewpoint Students Venture Around the World this Spring with School Trips to France, China, and the East Coast

From the lively streets of New York City and the charming history of Boston, to the captivating landscapes of Paris and the dynamic culture of China, many of our students traveled across the country and to other countries during Spring Break. These diverse experiences not only broadened their perspectives but also reaffirmed our dedication to nurturing world-ready graduates equipped to thrive in an interconnected world.

During the 10-day trip to France, 28 Upper School students, accompanied by four teachers and chaperones, immersed themselves in French culture and history. They explored cities in the northwest part of France, including Normandy, Brittany, and the Loire Valley. Highlights included visits to historic sites such as Mont-Saint-Michel, Omaha Beach, and the Colville Cemetery, deepening their understanding of global history. Engaging in experiences like line dancing and cooking classes not only improved their French language skills but also created lasting memories and friendships.

"During the trip, students were making a huge effort to speak as much French as possible, not just in shops and restaurants, but also with me,” said Roxanne Lécrivain, Middle and Upper School French Teacher. “Students were speaking with perfect pronunciation and answering all my questions, even those who had never taken French before."

Meanwhile, as part of an ongoing relationship between Viewpoint and Jiaxiang School, a group of five teachers and students journeyed 4,982 miles to Chengdu, China, for an international cultural exchange organized by the Sichuan Association for the Promotion of Educational Excellence (SCAPEE). They joined teachers and students from Jiaxiang, Macau, and Thailand for various activities, including a debate on artificial intelligence, cooking classes, sightseeing in Chengdu, and a visit to the Panda Museum. The visit also provided our students with the opportunity to stay with local families, allowing them to experience Chinese culture firsthand.

"You can't overestimate the value of getting out of your cultural comfort zone, meeting new people, and realizing how vast the world is,” shared Robert Bryan, Associate Head of School. “Whether it's traveling to any part of the world, the benefits of experiencing different cultures, making new friends, and learning from each other are invaluable."

Closer to home, a group of 19 Juniors participated in the East Coast College Tour, an annual trip where students visit up to 15 colleges over the course of a week. Led by our College Counseling Department, students venture from Boston to D.C., visiting a range of institutions. Colleges on the itinerary include small liberal arts colleges, large public universities, and prestigious institutions like Yale and George Washington University.

"It's a very valuable program. Not a lot of high schools offer programs like this,” shared Manny Mohareb, Senior Associate Director of College Counseling. “If I had done a trip like this, it would have opened up my eyes to a whole kind of opportunity that I didn't even know existed."

These experiences go beyond the classroom, enabling our students to immerse themselves in different cultures, make new friends, and broaden their understanding of the world. Viewpoint is committed to providing these enriching opportunities, shaping our students into citizens prepared to make a positive impact globally.

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First-Generation Student George Alcantar ’24 Awarded Prestigious Posse Foundation Scholarship to Pepperdine University

George Alcantar ’24 embodies the value of hard work and dedication in pursuit of his goals. Raised by a single father, he seizes every opportunity to prioritize his academic journey. His perseverance recently led to a significant achievement: a four-year tuition scholarship to Pepperdine University, generously supported by The Posse Foundation.

"After the final interview with the last 25 finalists, I was napping when I got a call asking to review my Posse application for Pepperdine,” said Alcantar. “I was initially worried, but I quickly joined a Zoom call where they asked if I'd like to plant a tree on campus, something I enjoy doing through community service. It was a surprise. They recorded all of it too and I didn't even know."

At the recent State of Our School address in January, George was one of three Seniors who shared their transformative journeys, acknowledging the pivotal role of Viewpoint's College Counseling program. 

"Viewpoint has really given me the opportunity to follow a very structured and organized path,” he expressed. “This four-year Posse Foundation scholarship would not be possible without the guidance of my college counselors, and I am so grateful to Viewpoint for preparing me so well on my path to college.”

The Posse Foundation scholarship is a prestigious four-year full-tuition scholarship that emphasizes leadership qualities. It considers financial need while also valuing involvement in extracurricular activities both inside and outside the classroom. The selection process for the Posse scholarship is highly competitive, with only 10 students chosen out of 2,000 nominees.

"The selection process for the Posse scholarship is lengthy, starting with group and one-on-one interviews in late August,” explained Alcantar. “Finalists then go through a third interview, with only 10 out of 25 selected to receive the leadership scholarship for Pepperdine."

However, George views his academic pursuit not just as personal ambition, but as a means to honor his family and shape a brighter future for them.

"I'm a first generation student, so college is extremely important to me. My dad has also been a single parent since kindergarten, which is another factor that pushes me to keep going,” said Alcantar. “I can't give up. I need to do it for my family, for my dad. This is huge." 

Alcantar will begin his journey at Pepperdine in the fall of 2024, majoring in Business Administration. Congratulations to George Alcantar ’24 on this incredible achievement!

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