Our Viewpoint: Excellence is a journey, not a destination.



At Viewpoint School, we believe that education can be both challenging and inspiring. When students are encouraged to actively pursue their passions and find meaning in their work, they develop the creative confidence they need to invent, create, and discover - the most critical skills for success in an unpredictable future.

The smaller classes sizes really helps us reach the needs for every individual student. It allow us work more closely with the children and get the most out of them.

Jasmine Novick - Teacher of Second Grade

Viewpoint Primary and Lower Schools

We provide a nurturing environment to promote the positive social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of young children. Our whole-child approach creates a secure foundation that encourages children to develop important 21st Century skills.

Viewpoint Middle School 

Celebrating energy, idealism, and openness of students in Grades Six through Eight while encouraging their increasing maturity, academic progress, and responsibility. We appreciate their diverse natures: the joys, challenges, developmental changes, and vulnerability experienced in this transitional period. 

Viewpoint Upper School 

Our Upper School students thrive thrive while experiencing a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum, college preparatory curriculum. The academic program teaches students a fundamental body of knowledge, refines their aptitude for critical thinking, and fosters their capacity to exercise clear moral judgment.