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Viewpoint’s Student Filmmakers Take Their Creativity 'To the Max' at Annual Film IV Symposium
Viewpoint’s Student Filmmakers Take Their Creativity 'To the Max' at Annual Film IV Symposium

Applause and a standing ovation filled the Carlson Family Theater on Friday, May 31, for the premiere of To the Max, at this year's Film IV Symposium. 

To the Max, directed and written by Sundiata Enuke '24, follows Zen, a young black woman, on a quest to obtain the last tub of her mother's favorite hair product, Doo Grease. In a world where hair care is becoming increasingly commercialized, Zen views Doo Grease as the last bastion of true black liberation. She embarks on a journey to Gloamingdale, discovering a beauty supply store seemingly frozen in time.

"Sundiata's creativity and storytelling are unparalleled. Her visual choices evoke elements of science fiction and horror, creating a truly immersive experience,” said Monica Hoenig, Upper School Film Teacher. “The film's unique themes, subject matter, and visual language make it a remarkable viewing experience unlike any other."

Hoenig also emphasized how this project serves as a valuable learning opportunity for students aspiring to enter the industry, providing hands-on experience in various crew positions and directorial roles. With a $1,500 budget allocated by the school, students have the freedom to allocate funds towards props, costumes, food, and locations, mirroring standard industry practices. 

During the Film IV Symposium, students engage with the audience through a screening followed by a Q&A session moderated by Hoenig, replicating the atmosphere and structure of professional film festival events, and fostering dialogue surrounding the creative process and the film's themes.

"Witnessing the annual progress of my film students fills me with immense pride. I'm grateful for the invaluable support of the school’s administration, fellow faculty members, parents, and the entire student body,” said Hoenig. “Producing significant work like To the Max truly takes a village."

 Congratulations to all the students involved in this production:

  • Writer/Director - Sundiata Enuke ‘24

  • Producer - Dylan De Cesare ’24 

  • Executive Producer - Monica Hoenig

  • Cashier - Nathan Danese ’25

  • Extra - Rain Herbert ‘25 

  • Cinematographer - Morgan Washington ’24

  • Gaffer - Madison Grimes-Waynes ’24

  • Production Designer - Eden Spalding ’24 

  • First Assistant Director - Eden Spalding ’24

  • Camera Operator - Morgan Washington ’24

  • Camera Assistant - Sam Green ’25

  • Lighting Assistants - Natalia Garcias ’26, Connor Wycoff ’25

  • Sound - Asher Oden ’26, Anthony Zakari ’24

  • Script Supervisor - Noah Fox ’25

  • Production Assistants - Natalie Yerelekian ’25, Alexa Jeong ’25, Nathan Danese ’25

  • Editors - Sundiata Enuke ’24, Dylan De Cesare ’24

  • Music - Madison Grimes Waynes ’24

  • Colorists - Morgan Washington ’24, Sundiata Enuke ’24

  • Title Design - Dylan De Cesare ’24

  • Poster Design - Sundiata Enuke ’24 

Additionally, a special thanks to all the non-Viewpoint students who contributed to this production.


  • Zen - Harmony Elise Jones

  • Linny - Báilaunni Shelton-Bueno

  • Jim - Chris Stegal

  • Young Zen - Brielle 

  • Zen’s Dad - Francis Edemobi

  • Zen’s Mom - Anasthasia Enuke

  • Extras - Josiah Little

Production Support:

  • Production Designer - Amy Enuke

  • Camera Operator - Ángel Hernandez

  • Sound - Zoë Hellings

  • Production Assistant - Rae Brown

  • Poster Design - Bella Villa 

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