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Viewpoint's Middle School Theatre Students Shine in Three Sold-Out Performances of The SpongeBob Musical
Viewpoint's Middle School Theatre Students Shine in Three Sold-Out Performances of The SpongeBob Musical

From November 3-5, the stage at Viewpoint's Carlson Family Theater was transformed into a sold-out aquatic wonderland, as Middle School students delivered an eagerly anticipated performance of The SpongeBob Musical

The SpongeBob Musical draws its inspiration from the beloved animated series created by Stephen Hillenburg. In this underwater realm of Bikini Bottom, where the citizens face the imminent threat of a volcanic eruption that could obliterate their humble abode, SpongeBob and his loyal friends unite in a courageous endeavor to rescue the destiny of their undersea universe. As lives hang in the balance and despair looms large, an unforeseen hero emerges, showcasing the transformative influence of boundless optimism in the quest to save their world.

“I chose this musical because I thought we had the talent vocally and honestly, it’s just a fun show,” said Lisa Roskowinski, Middle and Upper School Theatre Teacher and the director and choreographer. “Many people may not be familiar with it, but it's a wonderful narrative about community, unity, and the power of maintaining a positive spirit during challenging times.”

The process leading up to the big production began during the second week of classes, with auditions opening up to any Middle School student interested in participating in the musical. Students rehearsed Monday through Thursday over the span of just eight weeks, allowing them to hone in on their skills and bring their characters to life. In total, around 50 students, including those in the Technical Theatre Program, played an essential role in making this production a success.

"I couldn't be prouder watching how far we've come, from the very beginning to the moment we opened," said Roskowinski. "Once the curtain rose, it became their show. They embraced it with pride and performed it with such enthusiasm. Witnessing their ownership of it was truly a touching experience for me."

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