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Viewpoint’s Middle School Students Take Center Stage with a Timeless Production of Ramona Quimby
Viewpoint’s Middle School Students Take Center Stage with a Timeless Production of Ramona Quimby

On May 17 and 18, our Middle School theatre students transported audiences back to their childhood with a nostalgic performance of Ramona Quimby at Viewpoint’s Carlson Family Theater (CFT).

Unpredictable, exasperating, boisterous, and independent—that’s Ramona Quimby! Narrated by her older sister Beezus, the play captures Ramona's tumultuous third-grade year. Audiences watched as Ramona navigated life with Beezus, her teacher's perceived unfairness, her favorite aunt's wedding to Howie's goofball uncle, and afternoons with Howie's grandmother, Mrs. Kemp. Amidst these adventures, the Quimby family faced Dad losing his job, making necessary adjustments to stay afloat. Through it all, Ramona and Beezus learned that while life isn’t always fair, having a sister can be incredibly rewarding.

“During the first performance, the students and I heard a lot of laughter and reactions from the audience,” said Lisa Roskowinski, Middle and Upper School Theatre Teacher and the director. “After the show, many parents approached me to share how they remembered reading these books as kids.”

The process leading up to the production began in January, with students initially rehearsing once a week. As the show approached, rehearsals increased to three to four days a week, including Saturdays during the final month. Another unique element was that the crew members consisted of primarily Middle School students, with just two Upper Schoolers assisting backstage and with lighting.

“It was a very cohesive Seventh and Eighth Grade crew, with the addition of one Sixth Grader,” added Roskowinski. “They worked really well together, and it's exciting to envision the next group heading into Upper School who will be joining us behind the scenes.” 

We invite you to witness more of our theatre productions firsthand at our annual Arts Fest this Saturday, June 1, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on our campus. Programs will be available upon entrance, but you can check out the schedule now to start planning your experience.

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