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Viewpoint's MATHCOUNTS Middle School Team Earn Top Scores at National Competition
Viewpoint's MATHCOUNTS Middle School Team Earn Top Scores at National Competition

Patricia Giuffrida, Middle School Math Teacher at Viewpoint, is known for her impact both inside and outside the classroom. Since 2008, Giuffrida, alongside Math Teacher Georgio Livanos, has dedicated her efforts to coaching Middle School students for participation in MATHCOUNTS. This prestigious national mathematics competition not only builds problem-solving skills but also fosters achievement through four levels of engaging, in-person contests.

"Our club meets on Thursdays, inviting Middle School students from Sixth to Eighth Grade to participate," said Giuffrida. "We kickstart our preparation for the competition during these sessions. Each student takes a 30-question test provided by MATHCOUNTS, which I then grade. Those with the top 10 scores earn a spot on the team."

In February, the top students had the opportunity to compete in the 2024 MATHCOUNTS Contest held at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), where they faced off against 17 other schools with more than 150 participants. 

Els Collier '28, Ved Reddy '28, Ronnie Tian '29, Shaurya Toor '28, William Bradway '28, Kevin Gong '29, Asher Hakakha '29, Ethan Kim '29, Jason Yang '29, and Justin Zhao '28 all eagerly competed in the event, earning a nearly perfect score of 9 out of 10 in the final round. Their outstanding efforts earned them Fifth Place in the competition.

“Georgio and I are extremely proud of our students' effort, behavior, and dedication," said Giuffrida. "Receiving recognition and an award for their hard work at the competition was truly gratifying for all of us."

Giuffrida emphasizes that students must invest considerable time and effort into their preparation. Beyond the regular club meetings, students are deeply engaged in thinking about the problems, often dedicating their weekends to practice and study.

"I receive emails asking, 'How can I do these problems?' The kids who are now Seniors, having experienced MATHCOUNTS themselves, graciously come to assist us as well. It creates a supportive and enriching environment for everyone involved," added Giuffrida.

It’s an environment Giuffrida is proud to have fostered, encouraging students to get involved regardless of their skill level. 

“It's not about who is best or who is not. Everybody can do math,” said Giuffrida. “All you have to do is just dedicate yourself.”

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