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Viewpoint’s Fall Multicultural Day Unites Our Entire TK-12 Community
Viewpoint’s Fall Multicultural Day Unites Our Entire TK-12 Community

On Tuesday, October 24, the entire Viewpoint community came together to celebrate the school’s Fall Multicultural Day, a vibrant occasion on our campus. Through classroom assignments, cultural displays, a celebration of World Languages, performances, festivities, and food from around the globe at our potluck, Viewpoint celebrated our diverse community, including families from 75 different countries.

Primary and Lower School students were encouraged to collaborate with their families to craft collages that encapsulated the cherished elements of their cultural backgrounds. These collages were composed of family photographs, magazine cutouts, and internet images, or included words representing their countries or regions of origin, holidays, and spoken languages. During the celebration, each student had the opportunity to present their work in a one-minute showcase, followed by the display of their creations in our classroom windows, where they will remain throughout the entire month.

Meanwhile, Upper School students representing the Filipino Student Association took the initiative to educate students about Filipino History Month. They also shared a diverse selection of traditional Filipino dishes, such as lumpia and ube cake.

“There’s not as big of a Filipino population here at Viewpoint so I think it’s great to spread the knowledge and history of our culture,” said Anniston Aragon ’26 and Co-President of the Filipino Student Association.

“Our club is really all inclusive. No matter your background, we encourage people to come and learn about the culture,” said Noah Fournier ’26 and Co-President of the Filipino Student Association. 

The day concluded with the 15th annual Multicultural Day school-wide potluck hosted by our Parent Partnership for Diversity and Inclusion (PPDI). It was a celebration of our diverse cultures, where families shared their special dishes. The event featured Cultural Displays presented by Middle and Upper School Students, as well as performances by our Upper School Voices Now Students.

Multicultural Day at Viewpoint showcased the beauty of unity in diversity, emphasizing our commitment to inclusivity and cultural celebration.

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