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Viewpoint’s Eighth Annual Diversity Leadership Day Offers Middle and Upper School Students a Day for Self-Exploration, Discussion, and Reflection
Viewpoint’s Eighth Annual Diversity Leadership Day Offers Middle and Upper School Students a Day for Self-Exploration, Discussion, and Reflection

More than 100 Middle and Upper School student leaders presented to their peers through workshops on a variety of thought-provoking topics at Viewpoint School’s Eighth Annual Diversity Leadership Day (DLD) on March 6. Since its inception, Diversity Leadership Day helps fulfill our mission of "creating exceptional readiness for extraordinary futures" by providing opportunities for students to engage with peer and adult-led workshops relating to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. All students in Grades 6-12 learn and share in large assemblies and small group settings that prepare them to engage with a world of ideas and develop the skills of citizenship and civil discourse. 

This year’s theme was Just Imagine…, and to open the day’s activities, Middle School students had the opportunity to hear from keynote speaker DeeDee Wright-Ward, CEO of Purpose Toys. During the opening program, Wright-Ward discussed the vision behind Purpose Toys, her motivation for founding the company, the significance of creating toys with a cultural mission, and offered advice to students aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

"Try everything. I'm fortunate to have been raised in a family that never asked, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' but rather, 'What do you want to try next?'," said Wright-Ward.

Upper School students began the day by watching excerpts from the recent production of Viewpoint: Our Stories. Our Voices. Our Stage. (VOSOVOS), which was presented by the Upper School Conservatory of Theatre and the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Life.  Among the powerful pieces showcased were several highlighting feminism-related themes, including "Say it Enough," "Invisible or on Display," and "Women Can’t Win.” These performances not only resonated deeply with the audience, but also shined a light on the ongoing struggle for gender equity.

The students were able to attend two different sessions of their choosing. The workshops included, to name just a few, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and You, Isn’t Everybody Middle Class?, Combating Antisemitism, Caring for your Mental Health, International LGBTQ+ Movements and Activism throughout History, PSA: Perfectionism, Stress, and Anxiety, We Are Not All Mexicans: Cultural Differences in Latin America, Misconceptions of Feminism, Understanding Artificial Intelligence Bias, Taylor Swift Versus The Patriarchy, Girl Power, and Metacognition: A Powerful Tool for Diverse Learners.

"We decided to create the Misconceptions of Feminism workshop as there continues to be a significant gap, and we felt it would be relatively easy to digest and reach a lot of people,” said Laurel Eith '24. “We discussed how many people think feminists hate men, the gender pay gap, how women still don’t have the right to vote in many countries, among many other important issues.”

During I-Block, students further stretched their imaginations by choosing interactive activities, such as building LEGOs, arts and crafts on the Upper School Plaza, an instrument booth, meditation and yoga sessions, crafting friendship bracelets with the Feminism Club, and creating custom buttons.

Just Imagine…how Viewpoint’s Diversity Leadership Day will continue to connect our community and build knowledge, year over year.

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