Viewpoint Speech Team Finds National Success
Viewpoint Speech Team Finds National Success

The Viewpoint Speech Team is finding national success this year, with five students now qualified to the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions, or NIETOC. NIETOC is considered one of the most prestigious speech and performance tournaments in the country and students can qualify by receiving “bids,” which are awarded to students for receiving a high enough rank in national qualifying tournaments. Students across the country work tirelessly to earn the two bids needed to qualify, but between our five qualified students, Viewpoint Speech has collected 13 bids! Check out the list of students, topics, and bid count below!  

  • Sundiata E. ’24 earned five bids for her speech on being Black in a predominantly white school. She was not only the first student to receive a national bid, but also the first to champion a tournament. Click here to watch Sundiata E.’s speech. Click here for an Interview with Sundiata E.: Speech & Debate
  • Faith H. ’22 earned three bids for her speech on the impacts of fast fashion.  
  • Jessica C. ’24 earned three bids for her speech on cultural homelessness. Click here to watch Jessica C.’s speech.
  • Sydney I. ’23 earned two bids for her speech on combatting heteronormativity. Click here for Sydney I.’s speech. 
  • Isabella “Birdie” A.’21 earned two bids for her speech on the deaf community.  

Congratulations to Viewpoint’s Speech Team!