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Viewpoint Schools Film IV Students Walked the Red Carpet at Annual Symposium on Friday, June 3, Featuring the Premiere of Hardcore and Sole Searching

Viewpoint School was pleased to welcome the community on Friday, June 3 at 7:00 p.m. for its annual Film IV Symposium and premiere of Hardcore and Sole Searching in its Carlson Family Theater. Guests walked the red carpet, and mingled with the students before taking their seats in the theater, and be a part of a Q&A with the filmmakers, following the screening.  

Monica Hoenig, Film IV Teacher, said, “Viewpoint has always had a high-achieving film department, but this year Film IV Hardcore and Sole Searching crews went above and beyond. Coming off of their award-winning Film III productions of Laephlexa and Lemonade, currently doing well on the regional and national film festival circuit, these students were determined to excel even further with their Film IV productions.”

Students in this class work on one film for the entire school year, operating as a production company, with their teacher serving as their executive producer. With a $1,500 production budget, students are responsible for hiring actors, securing locations, obtaining permits, providing craft services on set, and renting props.

Grace Rynerson, Producer of Hardcore and future Chapman-Dodge School of Film college student, said,” The crew created something meaningful, and unlike any other Film IV Production. We wanted to make an impact beyond the film itself so we incorporated a philanthropic tie-in with all proceeds from our merchandise benefitting Planned Parenthood.” 

 Colette Samek, Writer and Director of Sole Searching, said, “I started writing the Sole Searching script in March of 2021, and it went through about fourteen drafts before we finally shot it in January of 2022. It was incredibly fulfilling to finally see my ideas come to life and to see how much they had changed from the original conception of the story.”

In Hardcore, Sarah, a young photographer with many tattoos and piercings, falls in love with August, the reckless drummer in a band. Before their love story can play out, she finds herself suspended between life, death, and motherhood, and is forced to make life-altering choices.


Hardcore Crew:

Writer & Director: Madeleine Case

Producer: Grace Rynerson

Director of Photography: Harlow Schuman

Production Design & Costume: Taylor Young

Lighting & Editor: Derrick Leroy

Sound Design: Alden Stone

Script Supervisor & Casting Director: Benjamin Meppen

Assistant Director: Jules Mazzolini

Executive Producer: Monica Hoenig


To learn more about Hardcore or to watch the trailer, please click HERE.

In Sole Searching, a teenage girl, down on her luck and hating the world, finds solace in a found red shoe, which seems to solve all her problems. Viewpoint is expecting to be joined by a great turnout of students, actors from the film, parents, and faculty to support the student filmmakers.


Sole Searching Crew

Colette Samek - Writer & Director

Sophie Weiss - Producer

Zach Samuel - 1st Assistant Director & Sound Designer

Andrew Klaey - Editor & 1st Assistant Camera

Julian Romano - Production Designer

Will Kanny - Colorist & 2nd Assistant Camera


To learn more about Sole Searching or to watch the trailer, please click HERE

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