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Viewpoint Celebrates the Year of the Dragon with Lunar New Year Celebrations Across Campus
Viewpoint Celebrates the Year of the Dragon with Lunar New Year Celebrations Across Campus

Xīnnián kuàilè! (Translation: Happy New Year in Mandarin)

In February, the onset of Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year) festivities brought a vibrant energy to our School. Students from all four divisions eagerly immersed themselves in performances and engaging activities, fostering a sense of joy and camaraderie that echoed throughout the entire community.

On Friday, February 9, excitement filled the air as parent volunteers set up vibrant display tables at Helfand’s Harvest, inviting Primary and Lower School students to immerse themselves in the traditions of Lunar New Year during their lunch breaks. Dressed in traditional attire and surrounded by festive decorations, parents warmly greeted each student, offering red envelopes (Hóng Bāo) filled with treats and other delightful goodies.

Meanwhile, Upper School students enjoyed Lunar New Year snacks offered at the booths on the Plaza. They received red envelopes akin to those exchanged among young people in Chinese households worldwide, offering them the opportunity to win special prizes. Additionally, tables were arranged to exhibit traditional Chinese calligraphy, introduce renowned landmarks in China, and provide additional insights into the significance of the Year of the Dragon.

The festivities continued on Monday, February 12, as Primary and Lower School classes attended a Special Assembly performance by the Hiza Yoo Korean Dance Institute. They were treated to a Korean fan dance, a gayageum solo, and a dance number involving nanta drums. Meanwhile, Helfand’s Harvest served a Lunar New Year-inspired meal for those purchasing Hot Lunch.

"Each multicultural event is deeply meaningful to me as an educator. Witnessing students' excitement for programs that reflect their own identities and those of their peers is truly rewarding,” said Salah Farrag, Lower School Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion. “These celebrations allow students to see themselves in their school experience and gain perspective on others' experiences, fostering resilient identities and readiness for the diverse world beyond Viewpoint." 

To culminate the celebrations, our Middle School students were treated to a performance by The Immortals, a Los Angeles-based lion dance team. Alongside the captivating lion dance, rooted in martial arts, the narrators also elucidated the diverse origin myths of the lion dance and its profound significance in Chinese culture.

The year 2024 marks the celebration of the Year of the Wood Dragon. The dragon is mighty, energetic, and goal-oriented yet idealistic. It is a visionary leader with the keenest sense of self among the 12 zodiac signs.

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