The Fall Issue of Viewpoint Magazine Is Now Available Online

The Fall issue of Viewpoint magazine, with the theme of “This Is Our Viewpoint,” is now available online. If your time is limited, but you would like to take a quick look, here are a few highlights: 

If You are Looking to Smile

Second Grade teacher Jasmine Novick wrote a delightful article about her students’ presentations of their own “I have a dream” speeches to their fellow Primary School students during Black History Month, shining a light on their ability to use their voices to lead. Click here.

If You Are Looking to Have a Better Understanding of Learning at Viewpoint during COVID-19

In her article, “Teaching the Teachers,” Chief Innovation Officer Anneke Emerson offers a picture of the extensive preparations undertaken by the teachers in the spring and summer to prepare for both in-person and remote learning this fall. Click here.

If You Want to Know More About One of Our Accomplished Alumni

In September 2020, Max Cutler ’09 was named one of Fortune magazine’s “40 under 40” in media and entertainment. In 2016, Max was inspired to start his own true-crime podcast network: Parcast. Max sold Parcast to Spotify in 2019 for more than $50 million. He still runs its operations, and he was kind enough to share his entrepreneurial journey. Click here.

Please tell us what you think—we would love to hear from you.

Monica Case ’90