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The Dartmouth Subtleties Featuring Alumna Payton Schetter ’23 Deliver Pitch-Perfect Performance at Viewpoint
The Dartmouth Subtleties Featuring Alumna Payton Schetter ’23 Deliver Pitch-Perfect Performance at Viewpoint

On Wednesday, December 13, The Dartmouth Subtleties A Cappella Group, featuring alumna Payton Schetter ’23, brought their aca-mazing talent to Viewpoint’s campus, delivering a pitch-perfect performance that would make the Barden Bellas proud.

“I did not realize how loved and how competitive college a cappella was until I got there and I was like, ‘Okay, so we're in Pitch Perfect. That's great.’,” said Schetter.  

Payton attributes her choice to pursue music in college to her involvement in the music programs offered at Viewpoint.

"From performing with the Viewpoint Choir to balancing both orchestra and concert choir, my musical journey has been diverse. However, my main form of singing has always been musical theater since the age of five,” said Schetter. “I've participated in all the Viewpoint shows, from 'Grease' to 'Cinderella' and every production since Sixth Grade. During my junior and senior years, I joined Voices Now, which added another dimension to my musical experience."

Payton's journey came full circle as she returned to her alma mater to showcase a diverse repertoire with The Subtleties. The performance featured their unique take on "Toxic" by Britney Spears, a Taylor Swift mashup of "Cardigan," and several holiday tunes to capture the spirit of the season.

“What's really cool about my group is that we write all of our own compositions. So all the songs that you'll be hearing are composed and arranged by members or previous members,” added Schetter.

Following the performance, Payton and the other members of The Subtleties engaged in a Q&A session with Upper School students. They discussed topics such as college life, managing academics with extracurricular activities, and the process of joining an a cappella group on campus.

"I rehearse three times a week, each session lasting two hours, totaling six hours a week spent with these amazing people," shared Schetter. "The atmosphere is just lovely. We chat for a bit, then dive into a warm-up before singing our songs. It's an incredibly welcoming environment, and it's something I always look forward to."

The Dartmouth Subtleties will continue their Winter Tour 2023 through December 18, featuring performances at different events in the Bay Area. To learn more about The Subtleties, you can visit their website here.

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