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Springing into New Beginnings: Celebrating Persian New Year Festivities Across Campus
Springing into New Beginnings: Celebrating Persian New Year Festivities Across Campus

Nowruz Mobarak! (Translation: Happy Nowruz)

In March, we celebrate not just the beginning of spring, but also the commencement of a new year for the Iranian community. On March 19, Viewpoint observed the Persian New Year, also known as Nowruz, inviting students, faculty, and staff to immerse themselves in the rich cultural festivities.

Viewpoint’s Primary and Lower School students began their celebrations the day before with a performance by the Aftab Dance Group. They further engaged in the cultural experience by learning about the significance of the Haft Sin, a ceremonial table adorned with seven symbolic items representing spring and renewal. These essential items include:

  • Sabzeh - wheatgrass or lentil sprouts grown in a dish

  • Samanu - a sweet pudding made from wheat germ

  • Senjed - dried oleaster (or dried fruit of a lotus tree)

  • Seer - garlic

  • Seeb - apple

  • Sumac - a crushed spice

  • Serkeh - vinegar

On the day itself, Upper School students savored Nowruz snacks available at booths on the Plaza. A Haft Sin display, accompanied by traditional Persian music, enriched the experience, providing students with insights into the cultural significance of the holiday.

“During the Persian New Year, it's common for relatives to gift money, symbolizing prosperity and wealth. We also jump over fire which represents new beginnings,” said Layla Nassab ’25 and member of the Middle Eastern Student Union.

Meanwhile, our TK students enjoyed a variety of interactive Nowruz activities, including jumping over “fire” and painting eggs, which are then placed on the Haft Sin to represent fertility and the renewal of life.

Nowruz Mobarak to all in our Viewpoint community! May this season usher in prosperity, joy, and boundless possibilities for each and every one of us.

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