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Ninth Annual Convocation Celebrates Imagination and Community
Ninth Annual Convocation Celebrates Imagination and Community
Viewpoint’s Ninth Annual Convocation was a resounding success, celebrating the spirit of imagination and the connectedness of the school community. This annual gathering brings together nearly the entire student body, from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade, in a spirited event that sets the tone for the academic year.
One of the most heartwarming moments of the event is the formation of a tunnel by the Senior Class for the Kindergarten students to walk through as they enter. This touching tradition symbolizes the unity of the school's diverse student body, emphasizing the role of older students as mentors and leaders for the younger ones.
The event featured several notable speakers, including the Head of School Mark McKee who welcomed 230 new students with a message of inclusion and diversity, acknowledging their talents, passion, vision, and heart. With students from 70 countries and one in five speaking a language other than English, Viewpoint is truly a global community. He reminded everyone that it is the people who make Viewpoint special—each student, each dedicated and talented teacher, and each loyal contributing member of the staff. While introducing the theme of this year, imagination, Mr. McKee said:
“There's no better time than the start of a new school year to let go of your past assumptions about limits, about ‘I can't,’ to imagine your future, and to know that your future begins today.”

He concluded by encouraging students to use their imagination to learn how to disagree constructively and find unity in diversity, reinforcing the importance of this core value at Viewpoint.
Student Body President, Jessica Cao ’24, challenged all students, faculty, and staff to embrace imagination in every aspect of their lives and emphasized the importance of taking the first steps, even when they may not be sure of their passions.
In his address, Associate Head of School Bob Bryan enthusiastically embraced the theme of imagination for the school year, highlighting its multifaceted significance in the realms of learning and daily life within the school community. He underscored the integral role imagination plays in fostering creativity, emphasizing that creativity essentially constitutes imagination with a defined purpose. He explained the interconnectedness of imagination and inspiration in the creative process, with imagination laying the groundwork by envisioning possibilities and inspiration bringing those visions to vibrant life. Mr. Bryan also emphasized the close kinship between imagination and curiosity, the latter being the catalyst for deep learning and an essential element in comprehending the perspectives of others through empathy. Notably, he celebrated the Viewpoint’s commitment to imagination as one of its core values and heralded the focused spotlight on imagination during the school year, concluding with the anticipation of students across all divisions sharing their reflections on the significance and personal meanings of imagination.
Various students from different divisions shared their thoughts on what the 2023-24 theme means to them. Two students from each division, Primary School, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School, delivered eloquent speeches, reflecting on the importance of imagination in their lives and their education. The Primary and Lower School students impressed with their courage and maturity as they spoke passionately about the role of imagination in their learning journeys. 
In recognition of their outstanding contributions to the school, four Viewpoint staff members received prestigious awards. The Excellence in Teaching Awards went to Cynthia Ambriz, Allison Corneau, and Jasmine Novick, all of whom are highly regarded for their dedication to teaching and impact on students. The Spirit of Viewpoint Award was presented to Matt Tucker, who was recognized for his tireless dedication and leadership in transforming the school's IT department.
The Convocation also showcased the talents of the Upper School concert choir, under the direction of Middle and Upper School Choral Teacher Carrie Dietsch, who sang a beautiful rendition of "Pure Imagination," aligning perfectly with this year's theme. They concluded the event with a heartfelt rendition of the school's alma mater, leaving the audience filled with a sense of unity and inspiration.
As the school year begins, the spirit of imagination will continue to guide students, teachers, and staff, driving them to achieve new heights and make a positive impact on their community and the world. This Ninth Annual Convocation is a testament to the school's commitment to fostering a culture of creativity, inclusivity, and excellence.

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