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Naomi Engle ’24 Launches “Youth for Truth” Media Literacy Campaign, Empowering Fellow Students with Critical Thinking Skills
Naomi Engle ’24 Launches “Youth for Truth” Media Literacy Campaign, Empowering Fellow Students with Critical Thinking Skills

When it comes to media literacy, Naomi Engle '24 considers herself very knowledgeable on the topic. As someone who grew up being homeschooled and learning primarily online, she honed her skills in navigating the digital world long before attending Viewpoint.

“I started at Viewpoint as a freshman during the pandemic,” said Engle. “It was an unusual transition for me because I was already used to a lot of the work we were doing online. It made my transition a lot smoother."

However, she discovered that not every student has the same level of proficiency navigating the online space. Driven by this insight, Engle was inspired to launch her own media literacy campaign called “Youth For Truth”.

The campaign’s goal is to provide free, easily accessible resources to help individuals navigate today's media landscape and become discerning consumers. Its objective is to provide media literacy skills to students, which involves critically analyzing narratives presented in mass media to assess their accuracy and credibility.

“I’ve been running the Youth for Truth campaign since late April 2023,” said Engle. “It was originally going to be just a fun summer project based off of something that I was interested in but then I started seeing how fast I could spread awareness and share my content online. I started thinking about other ways to educate our Viewpoint and local communities - even in person.”

This idea manifested into reality this past February when Engle was approached by Laura Monjoy, Upper and Middle School Librarian along with Director of Digital Learning Gayle Cole to speak to Middle School students about her campaign.

"We got to play some fun games, and I had the opportunity to teach them about media literacy," shared Engle. "I've been in contact with different schools to start hosting workshops and sharing my resources, so this was a great starting point to test the waters, see how I felt about public speaking, and observe how the kids react."

Engle acknowledges that her journey is just beginning. Since that pivotal day, she has been in touch with several schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), with a number of them expressing interest in incorporating her materials into their curriculum.

“My content at Youth for Truth is going to be used in LAUSD schools to help teach media literacy,” said Engle. “I'm waiting on a teacher for official confirmation, but hopefully they are going to take some of it and use it to build lesson plans.”

For those interested, all of Engle’s content can be accessed through her website as well as her Instagram account. Congratulations once again to Naomi Engle ‘24. We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!

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