Viewpoint’s Seventh and Eighth Graders Explore Adolescence in Virtual Performance of “Middle Class, Too”

On Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7, Viewpoint had its' first ever-virtual performance, the Seventh and Eighth Grade Play, Middle Class, Too by Brad Slaight. The show featured 25 students performing a collection of scenes and monologues all about being in middle school, and was auditioned, rehearsed, and performed entirely on Zoom. In addition, we were honored to have the playwright, Mr. Brad Slaight, in attendance at Friday night's performance. Mr. Slaight shared his praise for our production, the performances by our talented cast, and commended us for bringing his words to life in the virtual format.

The production showcased the time in life when you desperately want to do all the things that you are not quite old enough to handle. It is a reminder that adolescence – that place in between – is that period when you are fighting to fit in and gain the approval of your peers while trying to figure out who you are without anyone noticing. Maturity is gained only by the experience of doing and making some mistakes. The students were able to articulate the moments and feelings we all have had at one time or another in trying to figure out what it means to be a friend while maintaining a sense of self, while fighting to be different - just like everybody else. 

When I started at Viewpoint 19 years ago, I never dreamed there would be a day when we could not have live rehearsals and performances. I, like so many, took for granted the day-to-day moments of interacting, engaging, and creating in person with my students. Although a virtual performance will never replace the live experience, I am grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to connect and navigate this new process together. Thank you to this group of students for their commitment, hard work, and positivity while embracing the unknown – they kept me smiling and reminded me daily of what is truly important.