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Kindergartener’s Little Engine Brings Smiles to All

"Once upon a time, there was a little train. It was a happy little train while rumbling over the tracks, for this was the Birthday Train." So, begins Little Engine, which was performed with great joy and enthusiasm by both Kindergarten classes this week on Blaney Patio for their families.

Adapted from Watty Piper's childhood classic The Little Engine That Could, the play, which has been performed at Viewpoint for more than 20 years, teaches children the value of optimism and hard work. The Shiny New Train, the Big Strong Engine, and the Old Rusty Engine all refuse to help the stranded Birthday Train get over the mountain. In the end, the Little Blue Train comes to the rescue and saves the day for the children waiting for the toys on the Birthday Train.

In addition to the lovely message of the value of perseverance, it is especially moving for the families to see Viewpoint’s young students standing up on stage performing with such poise. For many of our parents, Little Engine remains one of the high points of childhood – a moment when both parent and child are bursting with pride for their accomplishment and for their confidence.

For the Viewpoint seniors who were handing out programs at the performances, it was a chance to revisit a highlight of their own childhoods. One senior remarked, “I loved watching the Kindergarteners perform; they were so cute. I remember all of the songs and how it felt be up on the stage in my spotted dog costume. It was so much fun.”

While our youngest students love to look ahead at the exciting things to come, our oldest students are charmed to look back and are nostalgic for the years that have gone by. Regardless of their age or whether they are on stage or in the audience, Little Engine remains a magical Viewpoint moment for everyone

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