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Harmonizing Excellence: The Techtonics Inspire Viewpoint School's Chorus Program
Harmonizing Excellence: The Techtonics Inspire Viewpoint School's Chorus Program

Music has a unique ability to transcend boundaries and connect individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Recently, Viewpoint School had the privilege of hosting The Techtonics, an a cappella group hailing from Imperial College, London. Composed solely of science and engineering students, The Techtonics brought their harmonious expertise to our TK-12 independent school, leaving an indelible mark on our chorus program.

The Techtonics' reputation precedes them. Past winners of the International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) and recipients of a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA), their talent has taken them to prestigious stages around the world, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And, earlier this week, they graced Viewpoint School with their presence during their performance tour of California.

The day began with an enchanting performance by The Techtonics for our Middle School students, setting the stage for what would be a day filled with musical inspiration. Their high-energy performance resonated with our students, captivating their hearts and sparking their enthusiasm for vocal music.

The highlight of the day was a workshop conducted by The Techtonics exclusively for our Upper School Concert Choir members. Led by these a cappella virtuosos, our students had the privilege of delving into the intricate art of vocal harmonization. They not only learned one of The Techtonics' signature arrangements but also received a masterclass in stage performance. The experience was nothing short of transformative, as students absorbed invaluable insights and techniques from the experts themselves.

In a heartwarming and spontaneous moment of musical connection, The Techtonics graced Ms. Lande's Second Grade music class with an impromptu performance of "I'm a Believer." The joyous expressions on the young faces in the classroom illuminated the power of music to bring people of all ages together.

Carrie Dietsch, our Middle & Upper School Choral Music Teacher, eloquently summarized the significance of this exceptional day: 

"What an incredible opportunity it was for our Middle and Upper School students to interact with the Imperial College Techtonics! Their high-energy performances were a treat to watch and were certainly inspirational for our vocal music students. Not only were our Upper School students able to learn one of The Techtonics' signature arrangements, but they also were given a masterclass in stage performance. It was a fantastic day of music-making on Viewpoint’s campus!"

Indeed, this visit by The Techtonics has left an indelible mark on our choir program, enriching the musical journey of our students. The experience exemplifies the power of music to inspire, unite, and elevate the spirit, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. Viewpoint School is immensely grateful to The Techtonics for sharing their talent, knowledge, and passion, enriching the lives of our students and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of a cappella music. We look forward to continuing our commitment to musical excellence and fostering artistic connections that will resonate throughout our campus for years to come.

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