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Guest Speaker Empowers Our Students to Embrace Fear to Fear(Less)
Guest Speaker Empowers Our Students to Embrace Fear to Fear(Less)

On Tuesday, October 17, Darryl Bellamy, the Founder and CEO of Fearless Inside, visited our campus for an event presented by Viewpoint’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Life. He engaged with Fourth through Twelfth grade students, delivering an insightful talk on the complex yet crucial subject of fear.

At each assembly, Bellamy conveyed to the students the significance of acknowledging fear as a natural emotion but emphasized the need to overcome it in pursuit of our life goals. He then prompted the students to jot down their fears on paper before sharing a selection of them anonymously. 

“I do not want you to leave here today saying I told you all to be fearless. That’s not what I want for you,” said Bellamy. “What I want is everybody here, hopefully today and throughout your life, to fear a little less.”

Bellamy's mission began in 2017 when he spontaneously distributed notecards to students, urging them to pen down their fears. That evening, as he sat on his couch, he was deeply moved by the candid and unfiltered worries and fears expressed by the students. Since that pivotal moment, he has gathered over 55,000 fears from students across the nation and has organized over 300 events to date.

At the conclusion of each presentation, Bellamy distributed what he calls the "fearless band," a bracelet designed as a daily reminder that, regardless of external circumstances, each person possesses the internal power to choose courage over fear.

“The phrase 'I am fearless inside' is engraved on the inner side of each of these bracelets," Bellamy explained. "When I, along with thousands of other students, find ourselves in moments of self-doubt, we turn to these bracelets as a daily source of motivation to take action."


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