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Four Viewpoint Class of ‘24 Athletes Are Still in the Game and Ready for College Sports
Four Viewpoint Class of ‘24 Athletes Are Still in the Game and Ready for College Sports

A world where academics meets athletics is what these Seniors are ready for this fall. As part of a beloved and annual tradition at Viewpoint, four athletes were recognized for their peak performance and path to college sports on Tuesday, May 21.

Ololade Adeduro - Robert Morris University, Football (not pictured)

Austin Basch - New York University, Baseball

Jude Hollings - University of Redlands, Track & Field

Sam Lazenby - Cal Lutheran University, Tennis

Our college-bound athletes were joined by students, faculty, coaches, and their families at the Love of Learning Wall, as they received awards and ceremoniously “signed” to their respective schools. Mark McKee, Head of School, Patrick Moyal, Director of Athletics, and Rhody Davis, Director of College Counseling, each delivered congratulatory remarks and words of wisdom for these Seniors. Tanaz Nourian, Associate Director of College Counseling, announced each Senior and facilitated their signing to commemorate the moment.

"Most participants in this event have dreamed of reaching this level for a long time, likely since before high school,” said Patrick Moyal, Viewpoint’s Athletic Director. “Aspiring to be a college athlete requires immense dedication and hard work, not only from the athletes themselves but also from those around them. This event is the culmination of all that effort and sacrifice, resulting in these remarkable achievements."

We applaud these students for their passion and perseverance, and wish them luck in their college journey.

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