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Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony Celebrates Viewpoint’s Class of 2028 with Music, Memories, and Mentoring
Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony Celebrates Viewpoint’s Class of 2028 with Music, Memories, and Mentoring

On Friday, June 7, Viewpoint’s 112 Eighth Grade students gathered with their proud families, friends, and faculty members on the Ring Family Field for a Promotion Ceremony to celebrate their Middle School journey. 

The ceremony included inspiring remarks from Head of School Mark McKee, who reminded everyone that this occasion was especially significant for him, as he and this class entered Viewpoint together nine years ago.

“​​For those who joined us in Kindergarten, I’ve seen your whole journey, from The Little Engine through wildfires, pandemic shutdowns, sports championships and Arts Fests, seeing you grow into the fine young men and women you are,” said Mr. McKee.

He also offered students some important words of wisdom:

“Students, you are about to make one of those most magical and hardest transitions, as we promote you from the pinnacle of Eighth Grade confidence, the peak, the acme, the zenith of Middle School, to the fresh start, at the bottom, as freshmen in the four years of Upper School. It’s an exciting time, and we know from your success here, you got this. If I have one idea for you as you make this transition, it is this: Pay attention to attention. Where you give your attention, you will grow, so be mindful and as much as you can, choose where you devote yourself. Choose well, and choose what matters. Family, friends, new and old, pursuits and subjects, old and new. There is an unlimited world awaiting you and your unlimited potential. But there is a finite amount of your attention.”

The ceremony also featured several performances, including a rendition of “All Star” by the Eighth Grade Concert Winds, “Adra’s Dance” by the Eighth Grade Orchestra, and “Stand in the Light” sung by our talented Choir. Additionally, the Class Historians shared charming and heartfelt remembrances, such as meeting their teachers for the very first time, auditioning for performances, and learning a new sport.

In her Eighth Grade Address, Evie Wilkins encouraged her classmates to follow their dreams and to live the life they’ve always imagined as they embark on this next chapter. 

“Let’s use the foundation we’ve been given in Middle School to confidently tackle obstacles, overcome fears, and take chances. We can do anything we set our minds to,” added Wilkins. 

Congratulations to the Eighth Grade Class and best of luck in Upper School! The recording of the ceremony is now available for viewing here.

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