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Could Anything Be Cuter? TK Performs The Little Red Hen and a New Viewpoint Tradition Begins

As the students in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) walked across the Blaney Patio stage for their first performance of The Little Red Hen, an audible “aww” could be heard rippling through the audience. Dressed as cats, pigs, ducks, chicks, and one Red Hen, Viewpoint’s youngest students confidently took their turns at the microphone to tell the classic story of the Little Ren Hen and her unhelpful farmyard friends.

There is a strong tradition of young children performing at Viewpoint, beginning with the Little Fir Tree in 1964 and Peter Rabbit in 1967, both of which continue to be presented each year to the delight of their families. And with yesterday’s performance of The Little Red Hen, it was clear that a new tradition has been established. Under the direction of Primary School music teacher Laurie Montgomery, who has been leading children in song at Viewpoint for 24 years, the TK students showed what they could do. Each child had the opportunity to speak and they did a beautiful job singing in unison. It was easy to see that they will be more than ready for their Kindergarten production of The Little Engine next spring, and for the many Viewpoint performances to follow.

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