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Be a part of Viewpoint Votes! All are Welcome!
Be a part of Viewpoint Votes! All are Welcome!

On September 9, Viewpoint launched Viewpoint Votes!, a nonpartisan voting initiative in anticipation of the 2020 Election on November 3. This collaborative faculty and student program, led by Rhody Davis, Director of College Counseling, and Dr. Eric Steiger, Upper School Social Studies Teacher, aims to engage with and educate the Viewpoint community on all aspects of voting and to promote its importance as a civic duty. The goal is for all eligible voters in Viewpoint’s community to vote in the general election on November 3.

Ms. Davis, said, “I want to engage the Viewpoint community in a dialogue about voting—why it’s important, the history of the vote, what the issues are in accessing the vote, and actions like registering, poll working, and voting itself. I thought it would be fun to include the voices of students, faculty, and working politicians. From the beginning, the idea was to be nonpartisan and to practice having courageous conversations. I think it’s important for our community to be able to have conversations on tough topics in a way that is grounded in respect and care for each other.”  

Dr. Steiger added, “I’m thrilled to see our student leaders sharing their passion for civics! Through this initiative, we are finding ways to talk to one another about the important issues facing our state, our country, and our world, even when we disagree about what the path forward ought to be. By focusing our energy on the importance of voting, we’re starting on common ground with an issue that unites us. I hope that the students who engage with Viewpoint Votes! will see that as long as they can establish a sense of common understanding, they’ll be able to engage in even the most challenging conversations.”    

All are welcome to attend the Viewpoint Votes! webinars. Links will be available before each of the dates below.

Webinar Schedule:

  • September 9:Viewpoint Votes! and Critical Conversations (already occurred)
  • September 16: History of Voting, led by Dr. Eric Steiger
  • September 24: Impact of Political Engagement and Local Elections
  • October 1: Voter Registration and Turnout
  • October 8: Electoral Process
  • October 13: Voter Access, Fair Elections, Campaign Finance       
  • October 20: Candidates & Issues
  • October 27: Ideology and Polarization 
  • November 3: Viewpoint Votes! Election Day!                                                         
  • November 12: Post-Election

Guest Speakers (some still to be confirmed) will join the webinars above based upon their availability

  • Toni Atkins – California Senate President pro Tempore 
  • Karen Bass – Representative, 37th Congressional District of California
  • Michael Bennet – U.S. Senator from Colorado 
  • Bob Blumenfield – City Council, 3rd District; Viewpoint Parent
  • Julia Brownley – Congresswoman, California’s 26th District
  • Dr. Nadine Burke Harris – California Surgeon General
  • Chris Coons – U.S. Senator of Delaware
  • Ted Cruz – U.S. Senator of Texas
  • Robert Garia – Mayor of Long Beach
  • Eric Garcetti – Mayor of Los Angeles
  • Kamala Harris – U.S. Senator from California, Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate 
  • John Heubusch – Executive Director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute; Viewpoint Trustee and Parent 
  • Ted Lieu – Congressman, California’s 33rd District
  • Jennifer Newsom – First Partner of California
  • Spencer Perry – Project Manager, Capital Strategies; former campaign briefings manager for Kamala Harris 
  • Brad Sherman – Congressman, California’s 30th District
  • Christopher Soper – Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Pepperdine University
  • Maxine Waters – Congresswoman, California’s 43rd District
  • Alicia Weintraub – Mayor of Calabasas