A Wilde Ride, Indeed!

On November 21 and 22, the Viewpoint Theater and Dance Department presented Wilde Ride: An Evening of Trivial Comedy for Serious Peoplemostly by Oscar Wilde, its first-ever Upper School live-webinar production. The show featured a clever, Zoom-based adaptation of Wilde’s comedic masterpiece, The Importance of Being Earnest (During a Pandemic), framed with a contemporary play developed by the cast and written by the show’s director, and Theater Department Chair, Scott Feldsher.  A cast and crew of 19 students, aided by their families and the crack Viewpoint technical theater staff, created 16 independent soundstages inside the home of each actor, who then live-streamed into a central video mixer on campus to add music and special effects as the show was broadcast to the community. The actors did a remarkable job connecting with their castmates over the airwaves, creating vivid characters, and delivering Oscar Wilde’s witty dialogue and farcical timing with stunning precision. Producing Wilde Ride was a wild ride, indeed!