2018-19 Board of Trustees

Jonathon Wolfson, Chair                                                             
Kafi Blumenfield, Vice Chair
David ZeBrack, Vice Chair; Chair, Finance
Jill Schecter, Secretary

Jay DiMaggio, Chair, Buildings and Grounds
Tim Fish
Robert Flachs
Dirk Gates, Delegate-at-Large
 Andrew Gengos
Shelly Sumpter Gillyard, Delegate-at-Large; Chair, Committee on Trustees   
Brian Glicklich, Delegate-at-Large; Vice Chair, Strategic Planning          
Jeremy Helfand
Peggy Jones, Vice Chair, Buildings and Grounds
Robert Lopata
Susan Lotwin
John Nadolenco, Delegate-at-Large
John Nelson, Vice Chair, Finance
Dick Robertson, Chair, Advancement
Charles Schetter, Chair, Strategic Planning
Sarah Spano ’05
Lindsey Spindle
Howard Tenenbaum
Frank Watanabe, Vice Chair, Advancement
Rob Webster
Brian Wynn ’85


List of 16 members.

An Independent Coeducational School From Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade

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