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Exceptional readiness for extraordinary futures. These words are the centerpiece of our mission, vision, and values and our world ready promise. Building on more than six decades of excellence, we dedicate ourselves to the ideals and drivers of exceptional future readiness. Beyond our legacy of academic distinction and college preparedness, Viewpoint systematically cultivates the critical skill set and courageous mindset that yield world-ready graduates. We see in them the leaders they are becoming, ready to serve and to fulfill a purpose beyond themselves.

Our promise is that each individual student is known, respected, and included, and that each community member finds a powerful experience of belonging. Our deeply felt Viewpoint culture generates optimism and resilience, force multipliers for world readiness and long-term success.

World-ready graduates possess the cognitive capacity to learn any subject. They tackle complex problems whose solutions cut across subjects and disciplines. They perceive relationships among parts and imagine the greater whole. Their empathy and emotional intelligence fuel their propensity to connect and collaborate joyfully with others. Their profound self-belief and self-determination enable them to thrive amidst ambiguity and uncertainty.

These powerful personal foundations are forged in a tight-knit campus family where each individual student is known, respected, and included. Our promise is that every child experiences a powerful sense of belonging. Such devotion is underpinned by the deep belief that well-being drives achievement, not the other way around. And our deeply felt Viewpoint culture generates profound optimism and resilience, force multipliers for long-term success.

We invite you and your family to discover a school where tradition connects us and innovation propels us. Explore the school’s programs and you will find endless ways for students to engage in new and favorite activities and subjects with a breadth of offerings to challenge children and develop their talents and interests. Learn about our community and you will find a foundation of core values of love, honor, excellence, imagination, and optimism. Visit us and you will experience our 40-acre scenic campus, nestled in the canyon, amid the Santa Monica mountains.

We look forward to meeting you.

Mark McKee, Head of School & President


A Message from the Head of School