COVID-19 Response: 2020-21 Return-to-School Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Latest Public Health Guidance and Orders

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Safe Classrooms

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  • How will Viewpoint keep students, teachers, and staff safe?

    We have been working diligently all summer on our four health and safety goals, and we expect everyone on campus to comply:

    Decrease COVID-19  from entering campus: 
    1. Campus will be closed to parents. Only authorized students, faculty and staff may return to campus.
    2. Remain home if anyone in the household is sick or has a positive COVID-19 contact.  
    3. Required temperature checks and health screening to enter campus.
    4. COVID-19 baseline testing and surveillance testing per state mandates.  

    Decrease COVID-19 transmission among staff and students: 
    1. Masks required at all times inside and outside in accordance with public health guidelines.
    2. Maintaining six feet distancing or three feet with extra barriers such as face shield or partitions.
    3. Eating allowed outside only while maintaining six feet distancing or three feet with extra barriers such as face shields or partitions.
    4. Touchless hand sanitizing and touchless restroom and water systems with frequent hand washing routines and increased cleaning staff for all high touch areas.
    5. Improved HVAC and filtration with a goal to have 3X air exchanges within one hour with a MERV13 filter rating.
    6. Optimized schedule and configurations to limit exposures, contacts and movement. 

    Identify COVID-19 cases in a timely manner, contact trace, isolate, and inform potentiallyiinfected students to limit transmission and impact to students, faculty and staff: 
    1. Viewpoint has four nurses, two EMTs, and one physician who have been certified for contact tracing.
    2. Viewpoint has on demand testing capabilities and contracting surveillance testing.  
    3. Viewpoint utilizes Magnus Health to ensure privacy in accordance with local and state public health guidance. Magnus Health is a HIPAA-privacy protected electronic medical record system.

    Run both hybrid In-Person and Remote Learning options simultaneously:
    1. Students and families who choose to be 100% remote will have a remote learning option.


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  • Will my child need to be tested prior to the start of the 2020-21 school year, and where should we get tested?

    Baseline testing is an important strategy in understanding our community rate of COVID-19 to be able to safely allow students in-person on campus. It also will help guide safety protocols and testing regimes for ongoing safety of our students, teachers and staff as the year progresses. Your pediatrician or health care provider is the best place to have your child tested as this is who will be following your child during the school year for any wellness or illness issues that arise. We understand that some physicians and medical facilities have more access to testing than others so we will do our best to provide resources, locations and potentially even testing when needed on campus.
  • What happens if my child or someone in my family tests positive for COVID-19?

    Please alert the school health office if you or anyone in your household tests positive for COVID-19 so we can contact trace, alert potential “close contacts,” and help stop transmission within school and our community. Information will be kept confidential and those notified will only know that they have been identified as a “close contact” of a case and proper protocols to follow.  Please keep all members of your household quarantined at home for 14 days or 10 days after symptoms begin and three days without fever.
  • Will the school have a contact-tracing protocol and inform me if my child has come into contact with a positive case? What is the definition of a positive COVID-19 contact or “close contact?"

    Multiple members of our school health team and administration are certified in contact tracing. This will help facilitate rapid contact tracing when needed to decrease transmission and quarantine those potentially affected In accordance with CDC guidelines. If your child has been in close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19, you will receive a phone call and email notifying you with instructions and protocols that must be followed for your family’s safety.  The definition of a “close contact” is that your child was within six feet of a confirmed case for 15 minutes or more. This does not mean that your child has or will contract COVID-19, but due to the potential exposure, and per CDC guidelines, we ask that you quarantine your child at home, talk to your health care provider about testing and start Viewpoint’s remote learning program. 

    Definition of Positive Contact: Child exposed/close contact (within six feet for 15 minutes or more) of a confirmed COVID-19 positive person two days prior to COVID test or onset of their symptoms. In such a case student must Quarantine at home, and obtain COVID-19 test as soon as possible:
    • If COVID-19 positive and no development of symptoms, remain home for 10 days after exposure
    • If COVID-19 positive and symptoms, remain home for 10 days since symptoms began and 72 hours without fever
    • If COVID-19 negative test, remain home for 14 days or can return earlier if second COVID negative test on day 10 after exposure
    • Without COVID-19 test, can return after 14 days, 72 hours fever free and symptoms improving
  • What is the protocol when a student comes down with virus symptoms while on campus and when can a previously sick child return to school?

    When a student presents with a temperature greater than or equal to 100.4 and/or student with any COVID symptoms (such as but not limited to fever, cough, body aches, sore throat, lethargy, etc.) that does not resolve with cooling down for 15 minutes, the student will be isolated until the parent picks up the student. The school recommends that the student see their pediatrician or health care provider as soon as possible.

    The student can return to school:

    With COVID-19 positive test:
    If no symptoms and 10 days have passed since the date of positive COVID-19 diagnostic test 
    If illness symptoms, must be 72 hours fever free with symptoms improving and at least 10 days since symptoms first appeared
    With COVID-19 negative test:
    If negative test on day one, illness symptoms, no alternative diagnosis, must be 72 hours fever free and have negative COVID-19 test on day 10
    If negative test and alternative diagnosis (such as strep throat), 72 hours fever free, improving symptoms and at least 10 days since symptoms first appeared
    Without COVID-19 test:
    Can return after 14 days, as long as 10 days since first symptoms, 72 hours fever free, and symptoms improving


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Parents and Other Visitors on Campus

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  • Will parents be allowed on campus to volunteer or to walk their children to class?

    No.  This year we will be restricting volunteers and visitors on campus in accordance with public health guidelines in order to limit numbers and keep our school safe. Drop off will be in usual Viewpoint fashion, with some safety changes.  Morning greetings will be touchless (no hand shaking) and instead a verbal good morning and head nod will be encouraged and a masked staff or teacher will escort your child to their classroom.

Academics and Daily Schedule

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Athletics and Performing Arts

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  • When will a decision be made about sports and fall interscholastic athletic competitions?

    The CIF (California Interscholastic Federation), which governs high school sports in California, has revealed its 2020-21 calendar (click here to view). Our plan is to have our students safely return to physical practices and workouts as soon as we are permitted to do so, in compliance with the public health guidelines.  Similarly, for grades 4-8 athletics, our plan is to resume physical activity when campus is open, and the public health guidelines allow.
  • Will the athletic facilities be open for student recreational use?

    Currently, per public health guidelines, the facilities are not open to students for recreational use.  As this changes, we will notify our coaches and families.
  • Will K-12 assemblies, performing arts and plays happen this year?

    Integral to our Viewpoint philosophy are performing arts and assemblies.  We are exploring creating options to continue providing such opportunities to enrich and engage our students.  Some current plans for safe music classes include holding classes outdoors and distanced.  Theater is planning to offer Drama and Musical Productions this year for grades Six through Twelve with flexible shows potentially streamed or virtual.

Admissions and Enrollment

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Financial Aid

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  • My family has been impacted financially by COVID-19. Is tuition assistance available?

    In May we announced that, through the generosity of Viewpoint donor families, an emergency fund had been raised to assist families whose incomes had been temporarily affected by the Covid19 pandemic.  A number of families stepped up at that time to complete the application process.  Those families received the majority of the funds that were available.  If you wish to receive a new copy of the fund description and the criteria for applying, please contact Laurel Baker Tew, Assistant Head for Enrollment.  While applying does not guarantee being awarded, we will do what we can to assist families until the fund is depleted.
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