COVID-19 - Return-to-School Plan

Responsibility • Safety • Science • Community

Viewpoint’s approach to safely re-opening our campus is grounded in evidence-based science from current primary research, and places the health and safety of our community as our highest priority. A learning community, we are guided by our values of responsibility, respect, inclusion, and excellence. Our flexible framework reflects these values and is subject to ongoing update and review. As of July 1, Viewpoint is preparing for in-person, hybrid, and remote instructional modes.

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Viewpoint has been working hard over the summer to ensure we have the safest environment for our students.

Viewpoint's Re-Opening Phase Plan

Viewpoint Remote Learning Schedules for Fall 2020

All schedules are as of September 14. Click to enlarge.

COVID-19 Task Force, Executive Committee:

Don Anderson
Director of Campus Safety and Security

Mark McKee
Head of School

Tanya Altmann MD, FAAP
School Physician

Bob Bryan
Associate Head of School

Steve Cole
Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations / CFOO

Anneke Emerson
Chief Innovation Officer

Sue Gellerman RN, BSN
Senior Nurse

William Go MD, PhD
Scientific Advisor

Heather Kruse
Chief Human Resources Officer

Jill Schecter
Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

Jonathon Wolfson
Board of Trustees

David ZeBrack
Chair, Board of Trustees

About Remote Learning at Viewpoint

While the news announced by Governor Newsom on July 17 provided greater clarity of guidelines, it did not significantly alter our focused planning for a return to in-person instruction as soon as it is safe to do so.  Depending upon local health jurisdiction metrics on September 1, Viewpoint may be required to open in the “red” condition above with all-remote instruction.  At the same time, our flexible framework means we are prepared to move instantly into other conditions and modes of instruction, as soon as permitted by public health authorities.

Should circumstances require us to open remotely, Viewpoint has invested in excellence in remote learning at all levels from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.  We have hired a new Director of Distance Learning to work alongside our Chief Innovation Officer and our cohort of 21 Remote Learning Fellow faculty members to research, develop, and implement unparalleled remote learning experiences.  What’s more, every Viewpoint teacher is invested this summer in reviewing and preparing their curricula and teaching plans for the remote and hybrid scenarios we will see in the “next normal” of the coming year.


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