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Creating the Viewpoint School Welcome Center

After our people, our facilities are one of Viewpoint’s important assets in providing our students, faculty, and staff with the optimal environment for learning, teaching and working. Over the last two decades, Viewpoint has added 163,200 square feet of space. The top priority has been providing our students and teachers with the classrooms, laboratories, play areas, and athletic facilities that support innovative, 21st century learning and student social and emotional growth. Our current strategy is to seek smaller, lower-cost ways of maximizing and making best use of available spaces, accomodating shifts in our evolving landscape.

As Viewpoint has grown, some functions have ended up in spaces that are no longer conducive to helping our faculty and staff get their jobs done in an effective and efficient manner. This spring, the Buildings and Grounds Committee identified multiple opportunities to relocate, re-purpose, and renovate spaces that address challenges in creating a positive admissions experience, welcoming guests to the campus, and scheduling classrooms.

Below are a few of the reasons that the second floor of Academic Hall will be updated this summer and ready for the first day of school in August.

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  • Welcoming Our Families Every Day

    Because it was likely your first introduction to campus, you know that the Office of Admission is currently located in Founders Hall, which backs up to Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road. While this building is charming in its style, it is often difficult for visitors to find because of its location on the back of campus. The Admission Office functions in former bedrooms and living areas that do not serve the needs for a modern Admissions operation, and has the same noisy acoustics you would find in a home. Perhaps most significantly, Founders Hall is not ADA compliant —and would be far too expensive to renovate. Our visitors need a better facility.

    Academic Hall is an ideal location for the Admission Office. Families’ first experience of our campus will be in modern lobby, with a view through large windows that face the beautiful hillside. The new entrance will be warm and inviting and communicate that Viewpoint is a community. We want to make a positive first impression and have an atmosphere that “shouts welcome!” Students, parents and visitors will be greeted by a friendly smile from the receptionist who will address their needs. The parlor-like sitting areas will have comfortable furniture.

    Guests will have access to literature on the school, as well as an opportunity to view prominently displayed student art. A revolving slide show will tell the Viewpoint story in pictures depicting the depth and breadth of our students’ experiences. The lobby will truly be a hub of activity as people come and go.
  • Creating High Quality Teaching and Learning Spaces

    When we get ready to begin any kind of campus renovation, our first concern is about our students and how it will affect their day-to-day experiences at school. Along with the Admission Office relocation, we will create two seminar-style classrooms in Academic Hall for smaller elective classes, including Chinese and Latin. These more intimate spaces will include flexible furniture for multiple teaching situations.

    The domino effect of moving Chinese and Latin from larger classrooms is significant. The Middle School History Classrooms and Math Classrooms will be relocated together. This will allow teachers in these subject matters to have more opportunities for discussing curriculum, sharing resources and collaborating. This fall, we will also be able to add a third filmmaking classroom. As each classroom moves, the school will have more flexibility in scheduling classes to meet the needs of our students.
  • Connecting Our Community

    The Academic Hall renovation will also include a much-needed conference room, which our community can use for VSSA meetings and special student projects. And, as part of using these resources wisely, this room will be set up for ease in video conferencing. Parents will be able to become more involved in the life of the school without having to drive to campus. Teachers will video conference with fellow educators at other independent schools, faculty at colleges and universities and community leaders. We will also use the room for interviewing prospective teachers from around the world, saving the School’s travel costs for initial interviews.
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