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Our Viewpoint: We are creating tomorrow’s creators.


What does it mean to be ready for today's world?

Viewpoint School believes that by launching a generation of grounded, resilient, connected learners and leaders, we are creating tomorrow’s creators — the innovative thinkers who will invent, shape, and discover a future we cannot yet imagine. 

We believe that character counts: that students who are known, accepted, and inspired become engaged learners who find meaning in their academic pursuits, and who are ready to fulfill their potential. 

We believe that educational excellence is rooted in making connections: to subject matter, to personal passions, and to each other. A rigorous education can be both challenging and inspiring when students enjoy the learning process. 

Viewpoint has a philosophy where they're going to make absolutely every single opportunity they can available to their students.

John Nadolenco, p '20 & '23, trustee

We believe that diversity of thought, perspective, and life experience increases creativity and innovation, and that a culture of collaboration prepares students for lives that make a difference.

Since 1961, this is our Viewpoint. Can you see yourself here?

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