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Applying to Grades 1 - 5


Timetable for Applying to Grades One Through Five for the 2018-19 School Year:

The information that appears below represents the general steps and timeline to be considered to submit an application for admission. Our annual deadline for applications is December 15. However, we do welcome late applications when spaces for the grade exist. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about submitting a late application and whether we still may be considering candidates for that grade. We will be happy to work with you.

Fall 2017: Contact us to schedule a tour of campus during the school day where you can see classes in session.  You are also welcome to attend our Primary and Lower School Open House on Saturday, December 2.

December 15, 2017: Application due date. We will welcome a late application when spaces for the grade may exist. Please feel free to contact us.

January 16, 2018: Financial Aid deadline for all applicants.

February 9, 2018: Application files must be complete with evaluation forms and academic records received.

November 2017 through February 2018:
  • All applicants: Candidates for all grades and their parents are interviewed on campus in their family meeting.
  • In February, applicants to Grades One through Four are tested on campus on a Saturday, or else in the office separately by special arrangement.
  • Applicants to Grades Five through Twelve sit for a standardized entrance examination.  Viewpoint is proud to offer applicants the opportunity to decide whether they would like to submit scores from the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) or from the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT). More information can be found in "Testing (Grade 5)" in the list below.
March 16, 2018: Decision letters mailed for applicant families to Grades One through Five.

March 26, 2018: Reply Deadline: Families admitted for Grades One through Five must notify us of their intent to enroll or to decline the offer of admission for their child no later than this date.

Additional Information

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  • How many spaces are available in Grades 1-5?

    Please don't hesitate to ask a member of the Admission staff about the space situation in these grades. Because we are committed to maintaining a low student to teacher ratio as well as an intimate atmosphere in our Primary and Lower Schools, we maintain small class sizes throughout the School.

    It's not unusual for a handful of spaces in these grades to become available each year. Viewpoint's families typically experience a high level of satisfaction with our program, so retention of students to these grades is high. Still, a small number of families may leave us because they move elsewhere. We welcome qualified new children to these grades when spaces arise that need to be filled.
  • Can I visit before applying?

    The best way to become familiar with Viewpoint School is to make an appointment before you apply to tour when school is in session and to learn more about our elementary program. We encourage you to become as familiar with the School as possible before you decide to apply. We will also be happy to discuss the space situation in those grades with you.

    We welcome you to contact the Admission Office to arrange a private weekday tour, where you can see classes in session. To make an appointment, call 818-591-6560 or email

    We also welcome you to let us know ahead of time of any special accessibility needs you may have, such as wheelchair access.

    Tour Hours:
    By appointment between 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.* on school days.
    *While tours later in the day can be accommodated if necessary, they would not be able to include visits inside classrooms.

    You might also wish to peruse our detailed curriculum guide, which is entirely online. Click on Primary and Lower Schools at the top of the page.
  • How do I start the application process?

    We need:
    • Application for Admission.
    • Application Fee of $125.
    • A copy of the child's birth certificate.
    • A recent photograph of the applicant (requested, not required).
    • A recent photograph of the applicant and parents together (requested, not required).
  • What additional documents are required?

    As part of our admission process, we request confidential principal and teacher evaluation forms from your child's current school to be completed and sent to us. Downloadable copies of blank forms are located at the far right side of the page, as well as on the Downloads and Forms page.

    Parents of applicants to Grades One through Five should distribute the Administrator's Evaluation, the Teacher’s Evaluation, and the Consent for Release of Information form with the parents’ portion completed to the child’s current school after January 1. The educators completing these forms should return them directly to Viewpoint School by February 1.

    The Consent for Release of Information form, signed by you, and given to your child's current school, will permit them to release your child's academic records to us.
  • Testing (Grades 1-4)

    One of the activities we most look forward to is our visits with our youngest applicants. All applicants to Grades One through Four get to spend a little bit of time with us in a special testing session that helps us get a sense of their academic fit for our elementary program. The testing day is held annually on campus in February, after we've had the chance to meet with an applicant family in the office.

    Applicants complete assessments administered by Viewpoint's teachers that mirror those given to our current students and that measure both academic achievement (learned classroom knowledge) and aptitude. In addition, other areas are considered and observed by our teachers, such as cognitive development, attention span, ability to focus, maturity, and positive social interaction.

    Once we receive an application for admission, we will contact you to arrange the testing day for your child. We will, of course, work with you if an alternate day needs to be arranged due to your schedule.
  • Testing (Grade 5)

    Applicants to Grades Five through Twelve sit for a standardized entrance examination. Viewpoint is proud to offer applicants the opportunity to decide whether they would like to submit scores from the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) or from the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).

    We consider scores from either exam equally. Additionally, students and parents may, of course, sit for these tests more than once if they like. They can also sit for both if they wish. The tests can be taken anywhere, but as a convenience, we offer both exams on our campus.

    You may learn more about these exams and register for them:
  • When will our family meeting take place?

    Applicant Family Meetings occur on school days once we have received the Application for Admission, and prior to your child's scheduled Screening Day. We ask that both parents and the child visit with us in the Office of Admission for their family meeting. Once we receive your application for admission we will contact you to schedule your Family Meeting.

    We would like your child to bring with them something from home that is of great interest to them (or a picture representing it) that they can share with us. This could be a book, a piece of artwork, a picture of a family member or pet, a piece of memorabilia, anything at all that is meaningful to them. We find that this is often the most fun part of getting to know the uniqueness of your child.
  • Consider the ages of our students at Viewpoint

    As a general rule, Viewpoint's students tend to be on the older side for their grades, because our students entering Kindergarten are either six or are turning six years old.

    This means that Viewpoint students who are in First Grade are either seven or turning seven; Second Grade: either eight or turning eight; Third Grade: either nine or turning nine; Fourth Grade: either ten or turning ten; Fifth Grade: either 11 or turning 11.

    When we review applicants to Grades One through Five, we look very carefully at each child's date of birth to be certain that there is the likelihood of a peer match should they join us in the grade.

    Each applicant is considered as an individual, but we do engage parents in conversation when we see applicants whose birthdays fall far outside the range of other children in that Viewpoint grade. On occasion, we may recommend placement in a lower grade should the testing results and the child's birthdate indicate this might be a better match.
  • When do you release admission decisions?

    Candidates for admission whose applications were submitted by December 17, 2018 will be mailed the decision on March 15, 2019, in keeping with the deadlines established citywide the the Los Angeles Consortium of Admission Directors.

    Those families whose children have been admitted have until March 25, 2019 to reply to our offer of admission.

    Qualified candidates to Grades One to Five may sometimes receive an initial letter placing them in the Wait Pool, if no spaces in these grades have opened by March. It is not unusual for spaces to become available later on, in the coming weeks and months.

    Therefore, any interested family with a qualified child for admission should not hesitate to accept a spot in the Wait Pool. They may receive good news later on, when a spot suddenly opens!
  • How much is tuition and is there Financial Aid available?

    Details on tuition amounts and the Financial Aid process are located on the left side of this page under "Affording Viewpoint"

    Families of younger students who may require Financial Aid to attend Viewpoint should be sure to take the following important information into consideration:

    Because Financial Aid is a scarce resource, with far more applicants than funding available, we do not distribute the awarding of Financial Aid dollars evenly throughout the grades.

    Viewpoint's Board of Trustees has mandated that students who are closest to their high school graduation have the highest priority to be awarded Financial Aid. This means that we favor Upper School students first in the awarding of assistance, followed by students in the Middle grades.

    Although there may sometimes be exceptions, as a general rule, Financial Aid for families with children in Viewpoint’s Primary and Lower Schools, regardless of need, is very difficult to obtain. This is true for both currently enrolled families as well as those applying for admission.
  • Do you have a sibling policy?

    Viewpoint is proud to be a family-oriented community enriched by many families with more than one child at the School. We are committed to working closely with our current parents to determine if Viewpoint School is the best match for each of their children. We recognize that no one school is the perfect match for every child. Thus, our goal in the admission process is to enroll children who will find personal and academic success at Viewpoint.

    To this end, Viewpoint gives priority in the admission process to siblings of currently enrolled students under the following conditions:

    1. Provided all other factors are equal and the sibling is academically qualified to enter Viewpoint.

    2. Provided the family has maintained a positive relationship with the School, supporting its programs, policies, teachers, and administrators, including its fundraising programs.

    3. Provided there is space available in the grade to which the child is applying. Keep in mind that Viewpoint's entry grades are Kindergarten, Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Grades. A sibling who is qualified for admission but applying to a grade other than these may be placed in the Wait Pool if no spaces open. We cannot ever guarantee the availability of spots in a non-entry-point grade.
    Please note that we encourage all our Viewpoint families to apply to several schools since we cannot ever guarantee admission for any applicant.

    The application deadline for siblings of current students applying to any grade is December 15, the same as for all other candidates.
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