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Dress Code

Primary, Lower & Middle School Uniforms

Viewpoint School views the academic process as possessing a degree of formality; consequently, we ask all our students to dress accordingly. The fundamental principles at Viewpoint are neatness and appropriateness and the purpose of our dress code is to simplify one aspect of students' lives by avoiding competition over clothes.

Primary, Lower, and Middle School students at Viewpoint wear uniforms. To view the uniform requirements, click on one of the links below:

Upper School

The fundamental principle of Viewpoint’s Dress Code is professionalism. These guidelines seek to foster respect for the community and the process of learning, and to help teach students how to dress for success in the professional world. Students’ clothing should communicate to their teachers and peers that they are temperate, serious, and ready to learn. Students and parents may speak to the Head or Assistant Head of Upper School if clarification is necessary.

At all times, students' clothing should be clean and in good repair, fit properly, and not have holes, tears, rips, or writing (unless it is official Viewpoint- or college-approved apparel). Sheer or mesh material is not allowed. Undergarments should not be visible.

Upper School Dress Code

List of 10 items.

  • Bottoms

    All bottoms should be professional, worn at the waist, and fit properly. Blue jeans and yoga pants/leggings are not professional attire. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be no shorter than one hand’s length above the top of the knee.
  • Dress Code During Final Exams

    Sweatpants, blue jeans, leggings, and T-shirts may all be worn on final exam days.
  • Spirit Days

    On themed dress days, students choosing not to participate in the day’s announced theme should be in regular dress code. Themes are proposed by Student Council and approved by the Assistant Head of Upper School and the Assistant Director of Student Activities.
  • Shirts

    All shirts should be professional and opaque. T-shirts, backless, strapless, or midriff-revealing tops are not professional attire. Sweatshirts and jackets may be worn over dress code-compliant clothing, but do not replace it.
  • Footwear

      All shoes should be professional and practical. Heels over two inches and flip-flops are not professional attire. Tennis shoes are permitted (except on Assembly Days).
      • Hats and Scarf-Style Head Coverings

        Hats and Scarf-Style Head Coverings are only permitted in the classroom for religious or medical purposes.
      • Assembly Dress

        Students must be in full Assembly Dress by 8:00 a.m. on designated Assembly Dress days. Students must wear matching two-piece (skirt or pant) suits or dark blazers with button-up shirts or blouses and dress skirts or slacks, as well as dress shoes. Students wearing button-up shirts must wear ties.
      • Grooming

          Hairstyles, makeup, and jewelry should be neat, clean, and professional. Boys’ faces must be clean-shaven.
          • Jean/Patriot Pride Days

            Students will be informed via the Daily Bulletin when there are days with special dress code exemptions. The most common exceptions are “Jeans Days”, when blue jeans and T-shirts are permissible, and “Patriot Pride Days”, when students may wear blue jeans as long as they also wear an official Viewpoint shirt. All other aspects of the dress code remain unchanged on these days.
          • Physical Education and Sports Dress

            All students must wear the approved shirt and shorts during PE class and team practice. In cool weather, approved sweatshirts and pants are optional. PE clothes should have nothing more written on them than a single, modest indication of the owner’s name. Other decoration of PE clothing is not permitted. Ripped, torn, or damaged PE clothing must be replaced.

            Coaches may encourage athletes to wear a specific item from the team’s spirit pack on game days. This item must receive prior approval from the Assistant Head of Upper School, and must be kept consistent for the entire season. All other clothing must adhere to the dress code. Abuse of this privilege by any athlete may result in its loss for the entire team.

            Dress code violations will result in detentions; repeated dress code violations will result in more serious consequences, including suspensions.
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